Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tripod Mount for Android.

This will be my last post about the Samsung Captivate, I promise. Now I can get down to just using it.

I needed a tripod mount for my phone. I already have the tripod, so I thought the mount would be readily accessible from any number of sources. Apparently that was wishful thinking. I did find this one, but it looked a bit over-complicated and expensive for what should essentially be a bracket and a nut.

So without further ado, here's what I built for about five dollars:

(no, I won't build one for anyone else. The point of this is that it's easy enough to do it yourself.)

UPDATE: Initially I thought that this was a no-brainer, but looking around the Web it appears that this design isn't as obvious as I thought.  Here's one that's very close, for the iPhone. And,  if you have an iPhone with a bumper and a 3D printer, you can get this design at the Thingiverse. Honestly, given cost of the plastic and the time/energy to print, I'm not sure my design's not still cheaper.