Sunday, September 05, 2010

A nice new mouse.

Of all the things to geek out about, I'm really liking my new mouse. It's a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000.  Now you'd think that a mouse is a mouse, and there's nothing to see here, but you'd be wrong. Here's why I like this thing:

1. Bluetooth! Let's pretend you're not like most people, who think Bluetooth is limited to phone earpieces. The whole purpose of Bluetooth is to get rid of cables. So why on Earth would you waste time with wired mice or wireless mice that use stupid dongles to give you the abilities that you already have, and eat up a USB port while doing it?

2. Accuracy. I've used it on a desk with a glass top. A GLASS TOP. Without a mousepad. It's not marketed as being able to do that, so I was super-pleasantly surprised.

3. No bright red lasers. How does it work? I dunno. I'm guessing it's a non-visible laser. I'm not going to stare at its bottom to find out if it will damage my eyesight. But I don't see any of that blinding light.

4. It has an honest-to-Pete "off" switch. My old wireless mouse had the off switch built into the cradle, but this one is selectable, so I can save some battery life.

5. Low battery indicator. Yup. My previous mice just stopped working or worked erratically. This one tells me it's low on juice.

6. Doesn't succumb to excessive button-itis. It has the following mouse buttons: Left, Right, Center (mouse wheel). There's a "back" button that I pretty much ignore, but it doesn't try to be a dumbed-down keyboard.

Is it pricey? Yes. It will cost you anywhere from $17.99 to $49.99, depending on how much effort you're willing to put into comparison shopping. Keep in mind that if you buy it cheap online you'll pay much of the difference in shipping costs. I bought mine at Best Buy. This is not a $5 mouse. But keep in mind that you're also freeing up a USB port and getting a generally better mouse.

Is it ugly? Pretty much, yeah. This one's ivory, black and silver, and I've not seen it in another color. But the advantages are worth it.


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