Friday, January 29, 2010

The Android Tablet

While Apple has introduced the iPad tablet computer, MSI has quietly been developing an alternate based on the Android platform. Here's a taste:

Here are some comparisons:
The MSI has a camera; the iPad does not.
The MSI supports Flash; the iPad does not
The screens are nearly identical in size
The MSI is based on NVidia's Tegra chip; the iPad on the A4. The processors are comparable in horsepower
The MSI will cost as much as the cheapest iPad
The MSI will ship in about 5 months; the iPad; about 3 months
The MSI is an Android (Linux) device; the iPad runs on a proprietary OS
The MSI will multitask; the iPad does not
However, MSI native apps will not support pinching and zoom gestures like the iPad
The MSI has several physical buttons on the chassis.
The MSI will support 1080p HD video; the iPad 720p

MSI says the specifications are "flexible". It's not yet revealed what connectivity there will be... WiFi or Broadband. We just don't know. We also do not know how the devices will compare with storage and memory. But it is nice to see somebody who can develop a product without overhyping it. Apparently I'm not the only one who is already weary of the "magic".

Now that's just plain silly.


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