Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rupert Muroch puts his foot in it AGAIN.

We've got our second story in a row on Rupert Murdoch, Soooper-Genius.

Over at Newsweek, Weston Kosova reports that Murdoch thinks Google is "stealing" his content, and wants them to pay him. According to Murdoch, linking == stealing. Definitely read Kosova's commentary, as he has it 100% correct.

Google doesn't steal anything from Murdoch. If you do a news search in Google, you get a list of links, including links to articles on FoxNews and other Murdoch properties. Click on any of FoxNews link and you are taken to FoxNews itself. Murdoch's site, Murdoch's content, complete with Murdoch's ads and Murdoch's revenue.

Google provides Murdoch -- and everyone else, for that matter -- absolutely free advertising, which just happens to be the undisputed #1 most effective advertising on the Web. Murdoch gets that for free, and doesn't lose one single penny to Google for it, ever.

So what does this sooooper-genius want to do? That's right... he wants Google to pay him for the privilege of improving his business. The funny thing is, that Murdoch can turn off Google's trawling any time he wants by editing his Robots.txt file. Of course he won't do it. Why not? Because the moment he did so he would lose million$ by the minute.

Why doesn't this relic just admit that search engines are a boon to his business? Stupidity? Senility? Your guess is as good as mine. What is certain is that he'd rather extort money from Google rather than stop the linking, as he could do any time, in under a minute... so it's absolutely certain that "protection" of his content isn't his real agenda.


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