Friday, August 15, 2008

So what's been going on?

I've been EXTREMELY busy. Unfortunately, I haven't been busy with VIC CRM... I've had some bills to pay. As for details, you're not getting any. But I expect to be able to have a nice update for VIC CRM by Halloween.

For now, I've done a bit of a bug fix for some annoying errors with VIC's email.

WARNING: This is for Lotus geeks. For everyone else, I'm putting together some new templates.

Here's a file to patch the Cratchit Email script library.

Download CratchitEmailLibrary.lss

And here's what it fixes:
  1. Reply without History: there was an error replying without history. A data type issue was issued when attempting to insert the signature. It didn't affect anything but the signature; nevertheless it was annoying.
  2. Reply with History: replying with history kept the cc: fields, but replaced the SendTo: field with the From: field. This was wrong, as it assumed that you are the only recipient. It now preserves the original recipients and pre-pends the list with the previous sender.
  3. Forward: This is a re-write of the forwarding function, and is much more stable, consistent, and nice looking. Also, a bug in the Shared Action was causing multiple forward documents to be created.
How to update:
  1. Save CratchitEmailLibrary.lss to a temporary location on your hard drive.
  2. Open the VIC configuration database template (vic_config.ntf) in Designer.
  3. Edit the Script Library called CratchitEmailLibrary. Using File|Import... import CratchitEmailLibrary.lss. Reply "Yes to All" when asked if you want to overwrite the existing code. Save the script library.
  4. Edit the Shared Action called "Reply\Forward" in the VIC Journal template (vic_journal.ntf). Erase the entire contents of the Initialize subroutine.
Here's another small enhancement for the next release that you can apply now:
I didn't like the Contact column in the mail views. So while you're in the VIC Journal template, you can replace it with the following:
var3:=@If(@Trim(var2)="";"=No Contact=";var2);
This should replace the Contact formula in all Views having "Mail" in the title. It will give a better display of the sender for those emails that were imported into the Journal without being associated with an existing account.

Then delete all of your personal Views from the VIC Journal and refresh the design of your Journal template, then your Journal. That's it.

It doesn't look like much of a change, but it makes a big difference in usability.


Blogger Dave Leigh said...

P.S. One new feature you'll be seeing in the new templates is the ability to selectively import contacts from a Notes addressbook. Previously you could only import the entire addressbook, and then it was a two-step process.

I've also reduced the 2-step import from Outlook CSV to one step.

And you'll be seeing an export from VIC to your Notes personal addressbook. I didn't do this before simply because the VIC Indexis a personal addressbook. But folks have been asking me for this so they can better synch selected contacts to their PDAs.

Also there will be an option to blindly import all received emails with no regard to checking for spam. Many users don't use VIC as a shared system, but as a single-user PIM. This option allows them to use the VIC Journal as their primary email client without having to check the SpamTrap. In a huge company you don't want to import the entire address book... it can run to the thousands of entries. I recommend this only if you've got good spam filtering anyway, or if you never publish your work email address outside the company.

August 15, 2008 at 11:38 PM  

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