Friday, December 21, 2007

Introducing TicketDemon

I've been working on a "stealth" project for a while now. While TicketDemon is a GPL project, I have pretty much developed it behind closed doors up to now.

TicketDemon is simple management software for the trucking industry, particularly in the delivery of bulk materials by weight. This would be the bulk hauling of earth, ash, bricks, concrete, scrap, feed... anything that's weighed. It gathers the information from drivers' tickets to provide billing reports, payroll reports, and management information.

The incentive for such software is this: small operators pretty much have two choices in this industry for managing their work... they're either using shoeboxes, spreadsheets and homegrown software that doesn't allow them to really manage anything; or they're paying exhorbitant licensing for grandiose software that does ten times what they need. TicketDemon is somewhere in the middle.

TicketDemon tracks tickets. That's it. If you have regular routes (runs) hauling commodities from source to destination, enter the tickets into TicketDemon. TicketDemon will provide management reports to you broken down by driver, run, customer, date, or whatever else you can think of. Instead of tracking down spreadsheets everywhere, you can find all your information in one place, and can report on historical periods as easily as the current period. For those things that are derived from your delivery data, like driver commissions or billing, TicketDemon generates the appropriate reports with a few mouse clicks.

What TicketDemon is NOT is a full-featured accounting program. I'm not going to do you the disservice of "half-assing" an accounting system and claiming it's full-featured, either. TicketDemon does one thing well; it tracks tickets. TicketDemon will determine how much you need to bill your customers and will generate detail as well. Attach this detail to your invoice to simplify monthly billing. It's not a Payroll program. You most likely either have an accountant or the appropriate software already. Instead, TicketDemon will generate the reports you need to accurately feed commissions to your accountant or payroll program. It doesn't do fixed assets. It doesn't track tire tread wear. It won't pay your bills. I can put you on to some terrific software for those purposes if you need it. But accounting software doesn't track tickets worth a damn.

TicketDemon tracks tickets. It won't forget them. It won't misplace them. It won't incorrectly total them up, and it will always get the commission right. What more could you want?

TicketDemon's been in daily, practical use for close to 2 years now, and I think I'm about ready to show it off. If you'd like to see what it can do for you, please contact Everett or me. We'll be glad to give you a free tour.

Here are some of the program's features:
Management of Runs: Origin and Destination, Commodity, and delivery rates. Billing for a run can be a flat rate per load or by the ton. There are separate rates for base rates, billing (base rate + cost factors), and one-way hauls.
Ticket Management: Calculates the tonnage from gross weight and tare weight; tracks the driver, date, backhaul status, and billing status for the load.
Driver Management: Calculates driver payment as a percentage of the base rate. Percentages can be individually adjusted for each driver, and globally adjusted as well.
User management: You have managerial control over who has access to what features of the program. Restrictions can be placed on deleting or editing tickets, deleting or editing runs, managing drivers, managing commission rates, and reporting.
Reports include: Driver Detail, Truck Detail, Run Detail, Run Summary, Revenue Estimates, Billing Report, Payroll Report, Daily Driver Revenue, Weekly Driver Revenue (company), Weekly Driver Revenue (contract). All reports can be sent to your printer or exported to spreadsheets.

As always, our work is customizable. Hire us to tailor the program to your needs, or use your own programmer.


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