Friday, December 21, 2007

Great Tip from SearchDomino

By way of here's a great tip for globally adjusting your font sizes in Lotus Notes. As it turns out, Notes can do that, and has been able to for a long while... I tried it in R6.5 and it works great. As screen resolutions get huge it's nice to know that we can adjust accordingly to keep things readable without having to re-design every design element in a database.

I like the tip so much that I put an option in your user preferences in VIC CRM so you can access this feature without having to edit your raw Notes.ini file. This will be included in the next version. Since I use VIC as my home page in Notes it seemed a good place to put it. Just keep in mind that this magnification factor applies to all fonts in Notes, and you have to restart the Notes client for it to take effect.


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