Tuesday, October 16, 2007

THIS is why you don't want a Microsoft "standard"

Before I turn back to the ethics discussion, this bit of breaking news:

As reported at ConsortiumInfo.org, ALL document standards work at ISO has ground to a halt.

Why do you think that is? Because the Microsofties are blocking the work? No, not exactly. You see, leading up to the failed OOXML vote, Microsoft cronies flooded the technical committee dealing with document standards with a boatload of new "participating" members. These are people who upgraded to "participating" membership because "they care" about standards.

Unlike the rubber-stamp vendor that is ECMA -- which is to a standard what a diploma mill is to a Ph.D. -- in ISO, "participating" means exactly that... they're expected to participate. Sadly, these new sham members haven't participated in a single vote since their lame entrance. Every single vote has failed, not because it's been voted down, but because these pathetic slackers can't even be bothered to abstain.

ODF proponents surmised at the time that these were shills, and it looks like we were right all along. When Microsoft tells you that they "care" about standards, you now have their actions, and the actions of their puppets, to vividly demonstrate exactly what kind of liars they are.

If you want a real standard for XML office documents, there really and provably is one and only one source. You should be looking at ODF, and the many applications that support this format, such as OpenOffice.org, StarOffice, KOffice, and Lotus Symphony.


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