Monday, September 10, 2007

TimeTool News and IBM Joins

Two quick news items:

First, I read on SlashDot that Free Pascal has released a new version of the compiler. That's what I've been waiting for. TimeTool is written in Delphi, but I'd resolved not to do any updates until it could be ported to a free compiler. There were a couple of Delphi components that were missing from Free Pascal the last time I looked, but now it's time for another look. I've compiled quite a nice little feature list for the next release and it may be time to implement it.

Second, IBM has joined the project. This is great news, as IBM will be submitting code that was developed as part of their Hannover (Lotus Notes 8) project. For those that aren't aware of it, Lotus Notes 8 has built-in support for ODF documents. Good stuff, though it could be better. My own feedback to IBM has been that I'd like the ability to treat ODF documents like Notes documents in a Notes database... I don't want to have to save them to the file system and then attach them. Since ODF is an XML format it should be possible to map it into the Notes database and have flexible document storage. I'd also like to be able to export any Notes document to ODF, retaining the metadata. But that's my wishlist... I have no idea how that fits into IBM's plans.


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