Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcome to the Future

One hour in the future to be precise, thanks to the re-positioning of Daylight Saving Time. Although DST is ostensibly to save energy, I think it's really interesting that the California Energy Commission's position is that DST "really helps to save daylight." (

Wow. So where is all that daylight? Why do I not begin the day with the daylight I saved from the previous day? The horrid fact is that we're not saving daylight at all. In fact, we've been incurring a daylight deficit for some time now, and it's to the point where the government has had to add four weeks of DST to make up for it. Just think of it... it now takes a full additional month to get to "Daylight Freedom Day" (that's the day of the year when we've saved enough daylight to see us through the rest of the year).

This is an international embarrassment for the United States. Did you know that in Russia, they save twice as much daylight as we do? That's right, according to the same source, "During the winter, all 11 of the Russian time zones are an hour ahead of standard time. During the summer months, Russian clocks are advanced another hour ahead." That's two hours per day, and they're saving an hour per day, even in the winter months! Let's face it, Americans are facing a daylight deficit of monumental proportions!

The extra weeks aren't going to do it, though; we still don't have anywhere to actually store the daylight we allegedly save. That's why we should institute the First National Daylight Savings & Loan.

At the FNDS&L, shareholders can deposit their extra daylight in the Summer for use in the Winter when it's really needed. This is an idea whose time has come. It's a much better alternative to the current process of paying lip-service to saving daylight while simply letting it spill away unused and unnoticed. And Federally insured accounts can guard against losses from flares, sunspot activities, eclipse or heavy cloud cover.

There are other benefits as well; for instance, socking away that extra daylight rather than letting it spill into the environment may be the most effective way to combat global warming! Write your Congressmen! Don't vote for a presidential candidate who hasn't formulated a clear position on this most important topic.

In the meantime, and more seriously, if you haven't done it yet, this article explains how to apply DST fixes for your computer. By now you probably realize that it's not the end of the world.


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