Thursday, March 22, 2007

Silverbrook's new printers. Wow.

Silverbrook's new inkjets are blazing fast. There's a video on the Texyt site that's unbelievable.

OK, so it's not entirely unbelievable when you realize that they're using a print head that spans the entire width of the page. It's similar to the technique used for the ultra high speed "greenbar" printers that we used in the USAF back in the 80s. As print quality has risen, print speeds have dropped dramatically and we've lived with it so long we've forgotten what fast really is! Here's a video of the new Silverbrook printer to refresh your memory:

Also, it looks like these printers revive the concept of continuous feed paper. I miss the ability to print banners. Taping together a ream of A4 just isn't the same.

Best of all, it looks like they're pricing the A4 printer at around $300. Wow. Now that's unbelievable.


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