Saturday, March 24, 2007

Novell Releases Linux Videos

Like many companies, Novell has a page devoted to marketing videos. There's the usual collection of boring case studies, but also a few that you might want to check out.

First up, is a series called "Geek my Sled". This is a spoof of "American Chopper" where the O.C. Choppers gang is tasked with building 10 custom laptops. A note about the title: Novell owns the SUSE Linux distribution. Its mascot is a lizard named "Geeko". "SLED" is the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Though the characterizations are spot-on, the production is pretty cheaply done (with the possible exception of the laptop Paul, Sr. smashes because the boys installed Windows on it.) I would have like for them to have showcased the product a little better: the best (and very understated) display of SLED comes when Paul, Sr. flips between virtual desktops on his desktop computer. Linux clearly does what Vista doesn't.

Next, "Samurai Gecko", in which Geeko trains to be Novell certified. The concept of the ads here are weak, but they're worth watching for the training montages featuring homages to Rocky, Star Wars, and The Karate Kid.

Best of the bunch, IMHO, are the spoofs of the Apple "I'm a PC / I'm a Mac" ads featuring a newcomer: Linux. In these, the PC is the usual stodgy dweeb and the Mac is the same human hamper we're used to; but Linux is portrayed as a stylish, attractive young woman. The casting gets the message across: Linux turns heads. You'd rather be with Linux. And Linux gets along great with others. For creativity I give them low scores (after all, it doesn't take much to expand somebody else's idea), but as spoofs I rate them highly, particularly ad #2.


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