Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Terrible logo; Great program

I've been looking over a new security program, and it's just the thing: it's called SandboxIE, and you can get it at So what's that? In this context, a sandbox is transient storage that looks to your program as though it's the hard disk. The end result is that when you're browsing the web any changes to your browser... all those nasty cookies, browser highjacks, etc... wind up in the sandbox instead of in your real disk storage. Whenever MSIE tries to modify a file, that file will be copied into the sandbox and the change will be made there, leaving the original in pristine condition.

Even when you've got anti-virus and anti-spyware installed there are things that can slide through, so this is a great idea. Sandboxing of IE is built into Vista (the next Windows release), but with SandboxIE there's no need to wait for it.

Now, here's the added value: even though the program is called SandboxIE it works just fine with Firefox, your email, or any other program. With some (for instance, your email) you'll want to allow direct access to the program's files. But anything unexpected will be sandboxed. And when you leave SandboxIE you can have all of the changes simply disappear.

Lifetime registration (includes all future versions) is $20. This will unlock some additional features, such as the ability to automatically sandbox specified programs even when they're started outside of the sandbox. They could use the money to come up with a better logo; but registered or not, the program is a must-have.