Monday, February 20, 2006

New VIC CRM release: we have a wiki

A new release of VIC is out today... you can get it on This release fixes a number of the more annoying bugs that previously existed, and adds a very useful new feature: from an Organization or Person document -- or from any document that's linked to an Organization or Person -- you can click a hotspot to dial any of the telephone numbers associated with the record.

This uses TAPI, so for this to work, you need to have the Microsoft Phone Dialer installed, and you should have a voice/fax modem attached to your phone line.

Also, if you're reading this on (and I can't imagine where else you'd be reading it), then you may notice a new link on the navigator on the left side of this page. Click on "Wiki" and a new window (or tab) will open.

The wiki is intended as a collaborative place to document VIC CRM, TimeTool or other public projects on this site. Please take a look and contribute responsibly. (Opening up a website for public participation is a scary proposition for the webmaster, so be fair.)

BTW, this DominoWiki is the fruit of another fine project on, led by Ben Poole. My thanks to Ben and all contributors for releasing this to the Open Source community!


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