Friday, February 03, 2006

BitTorrent and Small Software

I just read this, from a columnist who shares my views about small software.
» Can great software live in 130 kilobytes? | George Ou |

He's talking about the µTorrent client here (a BitTorrent client). It's excellent software, and I gladly pass on the recommendation to you.

I always love it when I find lovely small code that does just what it's supposed to and no more. Whether it's µTorrent or my own TimeTool, I feel that software should be compact and as easy as possible to use... and unless a developer's actually coding for the operating system itself, he has precious little excuse for mucking about in the Registry and "integrating" his product. "Integrating," more often than not, means making a program inflexible, non-transportable, and bloated, whereas a nice text INI file keeps your options where they belong: with the program itself.

I'm so happy to learn that there are people who think as I do.


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