Saturday, October 08, 2005

VIC Beaver Wallpaper

Here's a little something for you... A little frivolous maybe, but fun!

Here's the very first desktop wallpaper calendar! It features our very own Vic Beaver posing in front of a minor point of interest (to him, anyway)... the Hoover Dam! Download and enjoy, and check back here next month for something new.

New Release Coming!

This month you can expect a new release of VIC CRM. Since Notes 7 is now out, from this release forward, VIC will run under Lotus Notes Release 6.5.4 (our policy is to keep a one step behind the curve to accommodate the largest number of users). Moving to Notes 6.5 will give us the ability to provide new features, such as Sametime integration. I don't promise that we'll have that immediately, but keep in mind that VIC is Open Source, and what we don't provide here you are able to add yourselves.


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