Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Opportunity Knocks...

Well, I've had a long spell working on other projects since the first of the year, but I'm happy to announce that work is now in progress on the long-awaited VIC CRM Opportunities and Sales databases.

We've mulled over a design for Opportunities, and we've settled on something that looks very much like project management software... so much, in fact, that you should have no problem at all using VIC to manage projects just as you would manage sales opportunities. I'm excited about using it for that purpose myself. I've been using and maintaining other Notes-based project tracking software lately and I'm eager to apply the lessons learned from that experience to create something that eliminates the design flaws I've had to work with.

The Sales database will finally provide VIC a place to store a record of those opportunities that have been realized and billed. You'll be able to relate these to contract information, of course, for tracking warranties.

Should all go according to plan you should see these products rolled into VIC CRM within a couple of months. TimeTool
One of our most requested features is the ability to minimize TimeTool to the Windows system tray. Keep in mind that TimeTool saves its current state every time it exits and loads very quickly, so there's very little difference in use between minimizing the TimeTool to the system tray and simply exiting the tool and re-launching it from the Windows Quick Launch bar. (You're actually better off using the tool the way it was designed because of the frequent saves.)

Nevertheless, you can in fact minimize TimeTool to the tray using a little tool called TrayIt!, by Igor Nys. This will extend the same capability to any other program you'd like. In the spirit of TimeTool itself, Igor's program is small and does one thing very well. I couldn't recommend it more highly.